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What is Focusing

From the Vibrational Universe
KM Maclean

Focusing is the concentration of attention. When working a crossword puzzle or reading a book, for example, a person focuses his or her attention on the material, thereby excluding awareness and perception from everything else. In the material universe, focusing occurs when matter and energy coalesces; as when water molecules in the air come together to form clouds.

The focusing of consciousness can be likened to what happens when you take a magnifying glass out on a sunny day. The glass focuses some of the billions of photons (marked with a “P” in Fig. 1-2) into a beam of light which appears on the ground as a point of light. The point of light is analogous to an individually focused consciousness, with its unique personality, associated with a physical body.

The point of light is not different from the light that surrounds it, it just perceives from a different point in space/time. The ocean of light surrounding the point may be said to be more broadly focused, that’s all. It has a broader awareness, a more expansive consciousness. In this analogy, the light that surrounds the point is the non-physical counterpart to the incarnated personality.

Focus is just attention to something. When a person practices the piano, his or her attention is (hopefully) oriented to that set of activities. The more that person studies and plays, the better they get. A wise woman (Esther Hicks) once said that genius is just a lot of attention to a subject, and that is very true.

Focus is how someone gets from a decision and into effective action. If you are clear in your vision of what you want, your actions will be effective. If you are not clear, you may be working very hard and not getting anywhere, even with a strong will to succeed. How long and how hard you focus on something is a measure of your intention. Strong intent combined with clarity equals success!

Focusing automatically excludes that which is not relevant to the activity; in that sense, it is a tuning in, a narrowing of attention to a specific task. The ultimate example of focusing is birth, and the ultimate example of un-focusing is death, but life itself is a gradient scale of focus. The daydreamer never gets anywhere, for his attention is never on anything long enough.

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