--svatantramasvantantraM cha dvividhaM tatvaMishyate--
--svatantro bhagavAn vishnuH--

Sri Madhvacharya, in his tatvasaMkhyAna

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BuddhAvatAra vs. Gautama Buddha's Buddhism

Here is what Shri MadhwachArya (Sri M) says about the two commonly confused “Buddhas” in his mahAbhAratatAtparyanirNaya (MBTN).

From dvaita.net…Here is the gist of MBTN 32.157


(edited for clarity)

After dvApara yuga, all devatas had gone back to their respective lokas. Sri Vedavyasa also became “invisible” after establishing sadagamas. After the passage of a thousand human years, the Tripurasuras, who were killed by Rudra, were born as Vaidikas, and had access to these sachchastras. The devatas didn’t like this [cf. BSB anvadikaranam quoting rigveda 2.23.16] and approached Sri Vishnu for help. One TripurAsura was born as Shuddhodana. One day, while he was performing vedic jaata-karma to his newborn baby, Lord Vishnu made the baby disappear and took its place. The [new] baby aka Lord Buddha started laughing at the vedic ceremonies. To convince the people to give up vedic rites [as they were unfit], the Lord instigated all devatas to throw weapons at Him and swallowed (in the guise of a) baby Buddha all the weapons including Rudra’s trishula and finally sat on the Vishnu Chakra. Then He started preaching “shUnya vAda” (in a way that was misunderstood). Stunned by all these extraordinary prowess, Shuddhodana and his followers adopted “Shunya vaada.”

After this, the Lord disappeared and preached the right meaning of shUnya — Prashanta vidya. The prasiddha Gautama Buddha who came much later [he is not Sri Vishnu avatara] adopted the superficial meaning of shUnya vAda and spread his school which is now known to us as Buddhism.

Admin (Oct 6, 2015): Recently, I came across a Youtube video (on DashAvatAra) by Sri Bannanje GovindAcArya in which he categorically states that Sri M clearly says that there is only one (1) Buddha, and that he never openly states the invalidity of Vedas! So, only a scholar like Sri BG can make these statements as I am not well-read in this matter.

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