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Upon being handed a journal as a gift, a nine year-old asks his mom what it was. The mom says that it was a notebook to record his thoughts and feelings, every day. The kid replies, "You mean, it is a blog...on paper." Reader's Digest, Oct 2008 issue

Unfold at your pace, when you are ready

The world-at-large seems to dictate terms to us all the time. And, we constantly react to stimuli received from it.

But, the key may be in recognizing that our higher Self is the one that is guiding us on a path (some say we have a contract to fulfill), and we will be well advised to follow our thoughts and feelings about unfolding, when we are ready, instead of reacting to unending stimuli.

Once you recognize this fact in your gut, you ARE ready. Now, let your Self know that you are ready to walk. And then, your Self will start presenting you with the things you want and have to learn.

THEO urges everyone to have total faith in your Self manifesting everything needed for your unfolding.

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