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Textpattern-Moving a db from one TXP install to another


  1. Install Rob’s plug-in (download here) to your current Textpattern environment.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > DB Backup. Take note of the “Backup Path” and make sure the directory is completely writeable (chmod to 777 from your FTP interface). Click either “sql file” or “gzipped file.” If it worked, an entry should appear under the heading “Previous Backup Files.”
  3. From your FTP software (I recommend Filezilla), download an entire copy of your current site. You do not need to grab the core TXP files since you will be doing a fresh TXP install on your new server, but take special care to grab the directory with the SQL backup files.
  4. On your new server, install a fresh copy of Textpattern. For best results, make sure you use the same version of TXP as the install you are coming from. Also, your life will also be easier if you use the same username and password. (You do not need to keep the MySQL info the same as the old install.)
  5. In your new Textpattern, install rss_admin_db_manager. Do not install any other plug-ins; they will be carried over. After the plug-in is loaded, take note of “Backup Path” in the “DB Backup” tab; it may be different than your other install.
  6. Make sure your new “Backup Path” is writeable (chmod 777) and upload your backup SQL file to that directory.
  7. Navigate to Extensions > DB Backup and refresh your browser. Your backup files should appear in “Previous Backup Files.” Click “restore.” Everything from your old site will be recovered — logs, articles, presentation files, plug-ins — instantly.
  8. Copy over your images, CSS, Javascript and any other supporting files via FTP.

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