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Upon being handed a journal as a gift, a nine year-old asks his mom what it was. The mom says that it was a notebook to record his thoughts and feelings, every day. The kid replies, "You mean, it is a blog...on paper." Reader's Digest, Oct 2008 issue

Still Your Mind!

After reading, thinking, ruminating, and doing some, I am of the opinion that we need to STILL our minds FIRST. I do not even want to list the different things I mean by “reading, thinking, doing” above.

Nothing matters except STILLing your mind.

Stilling your mind (what a weird sounding phrase) opens the doors to everything that is blocked in your life. Read that again.

In other words, doing so will not magically manifest your desires, but all the avenues for manifestation will be shown in myriad ways. When that happens, then it will be the time for, in Abraham-Hicks’ words, Inspired Action.

So, instead of spending time and effort on a million gurus and their products, different promised ways, I recommend making time everyday to sit quietly in some corner and put that babbler in your mind to hypersleep.

Share your experiences.

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