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Saab 9-3 Aero Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush/Refill

Very nicely documented. Author says about an hour with the right tools is required.

Video is here

You will need a set of ramps, a 12mm socket, 2-8 or 10 inch extensions, a 3/8 universal joint, a drain pan, a 15/16 socket for the drain plug, a funnel with tube and 4-5 quarts of 3309 ATF (Ed. No, use the recommended part #, or the cheaper equivalent Ford Motorcraft XT-8-QAW Transmisson fluid, $9/qt.-2/2017 @ a Ford dealer) It is best to measure the drained fluid, get two plastic containers from the Dollar store, use one for drained fluid, the other with fresh fluid matching the qty. of the drained fluid.

As always, be safe, wear glasses/goggles, and take your time.

Step 1. Drive car up ramps and remove the plastic engine cover.
Step 2. Make sure engine is cool. From atop the engine, fish the 12mm socket down and remove the bolt holding the fill plug.
Step 3. Use the 15/16 socket to loosen the drain plug. Approx 4 quarts will drain out.
Step 4. Reseat the drain plug.
Step 5. Use the filter and tube to add four quarts of ATF very slowly. Reseat the fill and check for leaks.
Step 6. Drive down the ramps, and check the level with the dip stick. Use a bit of masking tape to hold the bolt to the socket when you fish it down to tighten the dip stick.

From user “jxp292” on SaabCentral.

Also, be SURE to check this link

Update: My car underside does not have a green dipstick. Anyway, I went in for a full flush, that took 11 quarts. The oil that came out looked like it had never been changed. Very dark, almost black. My transmission became a tad smoother, and does not misbehave as much, but the shifting shenanigans are unmistakably felt.

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