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Powerful use of Google and Yahoo for Marketing

We all search for information using our favorite search engine. But, next time, you really want some information such as

1. New sales leads
2. Social info about your (potential) client
3. Info not intended for you (for e.g., competitor’s internal docs^privacy issues^)
4. Email addresses of the decision-maker, not his/her secretary

try these techniques:

1. To find the Customer Service Manager at a company (say, Yahoo), type

“customer service manager” +yahoo (dbl quotes reqd.)

2. To find some social info on people, visit


3. To find internal docs about a company, type

Yahoo + filetype:pdf (for PDF docs)
Microsoft + filetype:doc (for Word docs)

you get the idea.

4. To locate email addresses of folks at a company, type

*@yahoo.com (this may be tricky because the whole world has yahoo.com addresses) *whitehouse.gov

Also, Google Alerts will let you track news etc. about people, company, whatever. Set them up.

See how you can unearth information you have always wanted.

privacy issues : Check with your lawyer/counsel/good sense to make sure you do not step over any privacy and/or intellectual property considerations.

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