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Upon being handed a journal as a gift, a nine year-old asks his mom what it was. The mom says that it was a notebook to record his thoughts and feelings, every day. The kid replies, "You mean, it is a blog...on paper." Reader's Digest, Oct 2008 issue

Nice Discussion on Muhurta/ghatika/Meditation time

In Samskrutha literature,

1 Ghatika: 24 minutes
2 ghatikas = 1 muhurtha = 48 minutes

All of this is based on 1/60th of a day. Be sure to read an erudite and informative discussion at the link below. It has implications for the best time for meditation you can determine for your area.

Source: Go HERE

Just in case, the above linked site is down or unresponsive, you can download the PDF file I made of that page here.

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