--svatantramasvantantraM cha dvividhaM tatvaMishyate--
--svatantro bhagavAn vishnuH--

Sri Madhvacharya, in his tatvasaMkhyAna

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Lucid definition of "Devotion" ("Bhakti")

parameshvara bhaktirnAma niravadhika ananta anavadya kalyANaguNatva GYAnapUrvakaH svAtmAtmIya samasta vastubhyo aneka guNAdhiko antarAya sahasrenApya pratibaddo nirantara premapravAhaH

— Sri JayatIrtha (aka Sri tIkachArya), commenting on “Bhakti” as presented by Sri MadhvacArya

Devotion to the Supreme Lord is that continuously surging flood of deep love & attachment to the Lord of the Universe, which is impregnable by any number of obstacles encountered in its march. It should be of such a quality & texture as would transcend all other forms of love which one may bear towards one’s own self, or to his nearest & dearest ones in life, or to his most cherished possessions. It should be founded on an unshakable intellectual & emotional conviction in the Majesty of the Lord – as the embodiment of all spiritual excellence.

Ed: This is not my own translation; this has probably come from the Dvaita list; I happened to see this in someone’s email footer.

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