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Upon being handed a journal as a gift, a nine year-old asks his mom what it was. The mom says that it was a notebook to record his thoughts and feelings, every day. The kid replies, "You mean, it is a blog...on paper." Reader's Digest, Oct 2008 issue

Losing a parent

Losing a parent, as I have learned from recently, can stop the world for the person in the center of that hurricane. As the person in the center of this hurricane, it feels empty and slow; no activity. But, the relentless and inevitable march of time is akin to the sufferer walking out of the storm radially; that is when you start running into and swayed by the winds you could never have imagined. Sorry, this sounds so dramatic.

But, I lost my dad (73) to metastatic prostate cancer earlier this year. I still cannot believe he is gone. My loss is made worse in that my family and I were hopeful (and had seen incontrovertible evidence) that he was in recovery.

I am waiting for someone to wake me up from this long bad dream. But, I do not even see a ray of light in the distance…

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