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Lapis Lazuli

This brief article mentions the possible esoteric connection this stone has to things unexplainable! Source

Purportedly, the first stone of which jewelry was made (ibid.), Edgar Cayce makes several mentions to this stone. But the author pointedly makes the point in his detailed study that this stone is not for all; in other words, this may not work uniformly for all users.

Some gleanings from the text (ibid.) for the rest of us: …and the client asks the question we all want answered: Question 45: “(Q) To what stones do you refer? (A) The Lapis Lingua [?] It’s blue!” The only blue stone of this stripe, available in Arizona (also Utah, Namibia, Mexico, often mixed with cuprite, shattuckite, etc, and Chile) is azurite. Then the young man asked, “Of what value is it?” Cayce’s answer identifies the azurite’s attunement value: “Of particular value to those who are interested in things psychic!” And then vaguely, he continued, “Read what was in the first effort that was made, as to all those that used the stones as settings to induce the influences from without that would aid an individual in its contact with the higher sources of activity!

Cayce, we learn, referred to azurite when he used the terms “lapis” and “lapis linguis.”

There is only one way to find out if this stone aids you at all: Buy one, wear it on you, and observe how it goes!

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