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Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

This Beatles’ song had a lot of appeal to me even though I always felt hesitant to accept its message because the implication would be huge to me.

Of course, if you had made a foreign land your new home, this song can continue to be a bother especially if you like Beatles. Get back, it said, but Why, I asked. Get back, it said, but Earth anywhere, is the same, I said.

A few months ago, after having read a lot of Abraham(-Hicks), I think I might finally have an answer to why the line from the song may be correct and in my (your) interest, regardless of whether Beatles had meant it that way.

The long and short of it: According to Abraham and Rampa, one (soul) chooses to be born in a place/time/family BECAUSE it wants to experience that place, time, family and surroundings in that lifetime. Moving away from that set of conditions immediately robs you of the experiences you went there to have in the first place, setting up a fundamental disharmony between you and your Self’s desires. So, it becomes a perpetual fight to fit yourself into this new set of conditions, probably for which you are not equipped. The strife you experience while you try to fit in, of course, is easily explained away by rationalizing that one would naturally feel the strife because of having to acclimate oneself to the new environs. And so the rift widens…

I feel that everyone who changes their homes/environs has an unmistakable feeling of “not belonging,” always feeling a little uneasy; but such feelings can and are easily repressed, and over time, buildup and manifest as undesirable conditions.

So, get back to where you once belonged…because that is what YOU intended before you got here. See whether the change feels wonderful, more in tune, more capable, more successful, more everything positive. I do not know the answer, yet.

But, I intend to find out.

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