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Fluorite - My experience

I have been dabbling in crystals, orgone, most things that have an esoteric ring to them. Recently, I felt as if I could use a (powerful) crystal, whatever that meant.

So, I started reading around different takes on the topic [have you noticed how many, many websites have similar (if not the same) takes on a topic; my guess is they simply parrot information they find on other sites].

Anyway, I ran across Judy Hall’s 101 Power Crystals book. Amazon’s book preview happened to land me on “Fluorite.” I knew of quartz, semi-precious stones, Herkimers, etc., but never knew of Fluorite as a collectible stone, er…crystal. Judy Hall says that this stone is the #1 stone to have.

As easily intrigued as I can get, I went to my first choice site to order one (which other than ebay), found that you could buy them in bulk; so ordered 1 lb. Got a few greens, a couple purples etc. in a week’s time.

Hall says that the #1 job Fluorite does is clear out the negativity in the environment. And, Abraham (Hicks) implies that things flow to you once you stop being negative. The two seemed to come together at least on the day I first carried these stones:

- An EFT healer whom I had been unable to reach, called me back.

- I was generally upbeat all day (even into the night)

- I was reintroduced to a topic on Vit. C that I knew I had to do (someday)

Things are not as noticeable now, a week later, but I wonder whether these stones had anything to do with the above. Or was it purely the power of suggestion, or of course, as we are wont to say, a coincidence.

Edit: I found this rather intriguing post on some site about Fluorite.
As channeled by Simone M Matthews ©: It can be common to find fluorite growing in association with Quartz, however, for Fluorite crystals to be found growing inside Quartz is a very rare combination, making them divine healing tools. The Clear Quartz literally raises the frequency of the fluorite, creating a synergistic vibration greater than the sum of the parts. The name Fluorite originates from the Latin word ‘fleure’ which means to flow, referring to the fact that the mineral is soft and relatively easy to melt. But as co-incidence would have it, ‘flow’ also describes the energetics of this crystal. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, Fluorite is one of the premier crystals to bring calmness to your physical, emotional and mental states. During times of mental confusion, lack of direction, indecisiveness or ‘foggy head’ syndrome, Fluorite assists in bringing a sense of peace and order to situations, clarity of purpose and a sense of direction in order to move forward. Once again ‘flow’ can be related to the crystals energetic property of stimulating the bilateral use of the left and right brain hemispheres. The benefit of balanced and interactive hemispheres assists all mental functions making it a brilliant crystal to support students during study/exams, as well as a great tool to use for public speaking where you wish to articulate your thoughts with clarity, strength and ease. Fluorite is a gentle and loving reminder that we are all soul’s having a physical experience here on Earth. When we connect and ground both our physical and energetic bodies to Earth, we become open and expanded vessels for anchoring more and more light into our divine planet. As we ground to Earth through Fluorite we build our physical strength, improve our immunity and hasten recovery from illness. Thus Fluorite is an important mineral to use in healing from a serious illness, supporting the elderly and in particular for children with a ‘failure to thrive’. Fluorite is a natural bone strengthener, best used for the healing of fractures and rebuilding of bone density in osteoporosis. On a spiritual level as we ground to Earth and give permission for our soul to fully experience physical reality, our psychic/intuitive gifts naturally evolve. This process occurs as grounding effectively supports your awareness in bringing higher vibrational frequencies into slower physical forms that the brain can comfortably process. Thus we have the potential to translate high frequency light languages from other dimensions, realms and planets when we connect deeply to our planet. As Fluorite assists our anchoring of higher states of being, the crystal is literally facilitating the activation of our dormant DNA. Activation means the turning on of DNA codes that were switched off during our transition to physical life here on Earth. As the codes turn on, and our consciousness awakens to our multi-dimensional states of being, we begin to remember who we truly are, our Soul Purpose for being on Earth at this time and a deeper appreciation of the oneness of all creation. One of the most gentle and loving ways to use Clear Quartz with Blue Fluorite inclusions would be to place a piece under your pillow each night. As you place it into position, with intent acknowledge and allow the crystals frequency to make manifest your Soul’s Highest purpose for your own personal growth and for the greater good of all. Sweet dreams!

Chakras: Earth Star, Soul Star, Third Eye
Astrological sign: Pisces, Ophiuchus

Update: Based on this, I looked and looked, and found blue fluorite growing on quartz but alas! not clear! But, I will report my experiences soon. Here is a pic.

Ok, I got it, paid a pretty penny though. I have not been carrying it on me but I must say that it is a beauty.

Be sure to share yours! Thanks for reading.

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