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Final Say About The Controversy About Saturated Fats

I clearly recall from my younger days how saturated fats were bad for you. And esp. coconut, really bad, in any form. I grew up with that belief, but watched my family never believe in this story. They would consume butter (ghee mainly) and coconut with abandon. But, I could not because of the “findings” on this topic I would keep reading about.

Then, I came upon two studies (links later), one from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s University study, and another from CFTRI (food technology research institution in Mysore, India), which clearly concluded that adding saturated fat in terms of ghee (and butter?) did not raise cholesterol in study participants. That was the only thing I needed. I went back to eating ghee like I used to in my younger days, and coconut too.

But the question remained, and answers were available, but not universally subscribed to.

Recently, I ran into this article: a meta-research on what “Fats” are.

Interesting read, check it out

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