Esther (Abraham) and Jerry Hicks

Abraham describes themselves (note the referent "themselves" is grammatically incorrect but does convey accurately) as "a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension" (huh?! what?). They have also said, "We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions."

A Quote: We would focus on everything that mattered to us. It is so satisfying to hold a thought and to find the feeling place and then see the Universe conspire to help you receive it. Oh, co-creation at its best."

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A nice story that fits into Abraham's urging

This is a story narrated by Sharon Rose…enjoy.
I’d like to end this letter with a little story that came to me in the dream state soon after beginning with ORMUS.

While traveling further through the forest than ever before, the young Indian man heard the rush from the river ahead. He faithfully carried the back half of the unusual canoe as the Shaman carried the front portion while leading their way. The Shaman specially made this canoe for the boy’s journey into manhood. It was unlike any canoe the boy had ever seen before. The body of the canoe was typical for a one-man canoe, but there were three arms that stretched out on each side of the canoe. They arched high like shoulders shrugging, and then dropped back down like scarecrow arms. The end of each set of arms attached to a plank that ran the length of the canoe on either side. It was easy to see that the planks would ride high near the waters surface once the boat was launched. The boy speculated that these planks must’ve been added for additional stability and he wondered what unusual conditions the Shaman expected for his journey into manhood.

The boy and the Shaman placed the canoe into the water at the rivers edge. The boy was pleased to see how stable the boat was and assumed his assessment for the planks was accurate. Before departing, the Shaman pointed to the mountain and told the boy that the object of his quest was at its top, and he must reach it by dawn.

Armed with a fierce determination, the boy picked up the oars and stroked rhythmically upriver for hours before beginning to tire. He noticed that the only way he could hold his position against the strong force of the current was to keep up a strong, stable stroke of the oars. When he lessened this commitment his canoe was easily swept down river. By nightfall he was certain he had drifted below his starting point. Tired, discouraged and disheartened the boy slumped down in his canoe and eventually fell asleep.

Just before dawn he awoke to a noise of roaring, rushing water that he slowly identified as an approaching waterfall. Reaching for his oars he fought with all his might, but the current was too strong and soon he was heading over the edge. Down he went, 10, 20, 30 yards, when suddenly the planks on each side of the boat caught the mighty updraft created in the wake of the falls. The canoe began to soar above the level of the falls as the planks acted like wings. The little boat was lifted high into the air, and loosely followed the contours of the landscape while traveling all the way to the top of the mountain — from which could be seen a glorious new day dawning.

Yours very truly,

Sharon Rose

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